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Be best placed to attract ready-to-buy traffic

A click means nothing, without a conversion.

You can take a customer to a website, but you can’t make them buy. Even after finding the most valuable, best value keywords, unless your website or landing page is primed to convert, all this traffic won’t generate sales. That’s why we focus our time and attention on creating landing pages that inspire browsers to take action as quickly as possible. This requires us to get to know your customers’ needs, problems and objections. From our findings, we organise the information and use carefully selected ad copy and visuals to systematically address their worries and appeal to their desires.

Our Process

We first work with you to ascertain your business goals, and then we identify a strategy to achieve them. This includes setting an average cost per sale/acquisition(CPA) to work towards as well as a set monthly budget.

We then build the campaigns which will ultimately drive traffic to the business’ website, going deep on keyword research and structuring the campaigns as efficiently as possible.

We’ll create & upload new keyword-targeted service landing pages, which will contain a new, Professionally-written, keyword-optimized copy.

When the build is fully finalised & uploaded,we’ll set it live. Throughout the campaign,we’ll constantly monitor things such asclick-through-rates, bounce rates and overall conversions.

By monitoring in real time, we’re able totweak the Ads to stay above and beyond your competitors.

Split testing is another method that allows us to see how well customers are engaging with particular Ads and landing pages.

Based on this, we can find the right combinations to directly improve conversion rates.

Throughout the process, we provide progress updates to let you know what stage we’re at, and what success we’re seeing so far.

This keeps the process fully transparent and allows us to further refine the process as we go, enabling even better results.

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