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We turn customers into loyal brand endorsers

We make your brand relatable, with a personality that attracts.

People use social media to interact with people. socializing is the whole purpose. therefore your brand has to speak like a human and socialise, not sell, sell, sell, every time. therefore it follows that your posts need to sound like they’re coming from people so as to connect with followers. talk their language and they can stick to you, giving you time to develop a purposeful social media relationship which will increase the chance of future social interactions converting into sales. we show you the way.

Our Process

This Q&A session serves to outline characteristics for your brand to follow online, serving to us to provide your business with a unique tone of voice and appearance and feel.

Two of the most important watchwords in our business, and two areas in which we tend to specialise. we tend to produce content that engages customers and boosts follower growth.

Bitmanity will draw up a content plan, and set targets with milestones along the approach, so you’ll continuously know we’re heading in the right direction.

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