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Projects of the year (2018)

Software's which automated major part of business


ERP, CRM System

Developed an ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning, CRM or Customer Relationship Management as a service used by both manufacturing and service industries


Accounting, POS and Inventory Management Software

It was a pleasure working with small and medium-size businesses (Apparel Sellers, Drug Store, Electronic Parts Sellers …phew) to develop an all-around brick and mortar store solutions.


Loan Management System

Loan Management System automated the whole processes and aims to improve the quality, turnaround time and service for end-customers.


Nutrition Software For Dietitians And Patients

Nutrition software that helps personal trainers and professional nutritionists provide meal planning services to their clients.

One does not simply BUY


Built a Multinational E-Commerce Website

Sold Mid-ticket, Viral Products online globally, Using our E-Commerce Website. We integrated Multicurrency and Major payment gateways including PayPal, Instamojo. Additional features like Chats Bots, Live activities tracing (See exactly how many people are on your site right now and how they found you), Dynamic Checkouts, Upselling and cross-selling, Tools and Techniques to BOOST the conversions to the MOON and many more.


Price Comparison, Deal, Coupon Website

Price comparison Websites are one of the most essential tools for smart online shoppers. Don’t just buy at any price the shop asks for when you can always buy at the lowest price online. We made something that will always fetch you the best price online, and that too across 50+ online shopping websites. Compare price to never spend money more than the lowest price available.

Don't be a Spammer. Be a Marketer


Go Digital or be the dinosaurs. 

We helped brands use earned media to stimulate brand favourability and increase purchase intent. By using audience insight tools, our social platform experts develop a tightly-knit ecosystem. The ecosystem increases and manages brand presence across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other relevant social networks. Building this ecosystem includes the development of social advocacy of the brand. This is done by forming relationships with influencers, creating campaigns that connect social media marketing with real-time marketing and content marketing and enabling brand campaigns to capitalise on cultural trends.

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